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Paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Paver Block Manufacturers In Kolkata

Dona Tiles & Co. is a famous Tile Dealer &  Paver Block Manufacturers In Kolkata.

We present a wide range of Paving Blocks like Interlock Pavers and Grass Pavers which are used for external floors are in great demand in modern buildings owing to their beauty, durability, and economy. Paving Blocks floors can be made in any design or shape desired.

It’s most popular because of the unlimited variety of pleasing patterns and colored schemes. Paving blocks are increasingly used not only in walks ways & jogging tracks but also in entire building compounds, storage yards, petrol stations, swimming pool decks, parking lots, and other landscaping areas.

Highly wear-resistant in nature, the life of the blocks is much more than the ordinary blocks done by the external areas.   

Paver Block Manufacturers In Kolkata

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