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Dona Tiles & Co. is a famous Tile Dealer in Barasat, Kolkata & one of very few, quality-conscious, Paver Block Manufacturers in Kolkata. We deal with Marble, Granite, Tiles, Bathroom Fittings, Marble temples Etc. Dona Tiles & Co. have a large stock for every type of tiles and marbles for any type of construction. As Dona Tiles & Co. ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way, the company takes immense pride in the fact that it has been able to win the confidence and trust of the many customers it is known to cater to.

Manhole Cover Manufacturer In Kolkata

Manhole cover

A manhole cover or maintenance hole cover is a removable plate forming the lid over the opening of a manhole. Meet the best Manhole Cover Manufacturer in Kolkata and know more of our products. 

KERB stone Manufacturers in Kolkata

KERB Stone

This is a concrete or stone structure typically located at the edge of a road that defines the limits of the carriageway. Come along and get special guidance from the best KERB stone Manufacturers in Kolkata. 

Hume Pipe Manufacturers In Kolkata

Hume pipe

These pipes can withstand internal and external pressure well and are primarily used for sewer pipes, agricultural waterways, and residential construction. Meet the legendary Hume Pipe manufacturers in Kolkata, India. 

RCC pipe manufacturers in Kolkata

RCC pipe

Reinforced Concrete Pipes are large-diameter concrete pipes, used commonly in water supply distribution systems. Find out only the best RCC pipe manufacturers in Kolkata. 

Designer tiles manufacturer in Kolkata

Design tiles

A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass. In order to get your dream project perfectly executed get in touch with only who is the best design concrete tiles manufacturer in Kolkata. 

Concrete Paver Block Manufacturer In Kolkata

Concrete paver block

 As a leading Concrete Paver Block Manufacturer in Kolkata, we know the importance of good quality paver blocks – Paver block or Paving block is one of the most popular flexible surface treatment options for exterior pavement applications.

Chequered Tiles Manufacturer In Kolkata

Chequered tiles

Chequered tiles are one of the strongest and long-lasting tiles available at Dona Tiles (A reliable Chequered tiles manufacturer in Kolkata). The thick body of these tiles makes them suitable for any place with heavy foot traffic. 

Paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Paver block

Block paving will prevent rainwater from gathering or flooding, allowing you to create a better drainage system on your patio or driveway. Connect with one of the leading Paver Block Manufacturers in Kolkata. 

Pre polished paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Pre polished paver block

This is a quality-driven Pre polished paver block manufacturer in Kolkata. These Paver Blocks are more good-looking, environment-friendly as compared to the solid plain surface and gives a classy and finished look to the surface. 

Rubber mould paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Rubber mould paver block

Dona tiles, the leading Rubber Mould Paver Block manufacturer in Kolkata assures the quality of the products first – our rubber moulds effectively transfer the outer vibration of the surface, that ensures maximum density and strength to the tile and pavers. 

Interlocking paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Interlocking paver block

The most important advantage of interlocking paver block is, if one block is damaged it can be easily removed and replaced with a new one. Explore more about one of the best Interlocking Paver Block Manufacturers in Kolkata. 

Designer tiles manufacturer in Kolkata

Design concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are made of natural materials, and high-quality tiles also include natural pigments to create their patterns. In many cases, concrete tile sizes, finishes, and colors can be customized to suit your design needs. Connect today, with the best Design Concrete Tiles manufacturer in Kolkata. 

Manhole Cover Manufacturers In Kolkata

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