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Pre Polished Paver Block

Pre polished paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Pre polished paver block manufacturer in Kolkata

Wet casting affords the brightest colors with finer and deeper texture on the paver face. This is an ideal range of products for fine detailing on paving faces on one hand and shining and glamorous-looking floorings on the other. The wet cast pavers are a labor intensively manufactured product, and so generally, very large volumes are a constraint with the range.

Contact the best Pre Polished Paver Block Manufacturer in Kolkata for Exteriors and Open spaces like footpaths, Side-Ways, Garages, Parking, Open areas, Promenades, Swimming Pool Decks, Foyers, Building Compounds, Drive-Ways, Porticoes, Car ramps, Corridors & Verandas, etc.

BRHC’s reinforced concrete pipes are available in internal diameter ranging from 150 MM Dia to 900 MM Dia. BRHC manufactures non pressure RCC spun pipes in RCC Pipe NP2 Class, RCC Pipe NP3 Class, and RCC Pipe NP4 Class.

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