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RCC pipe

RCC pipe manufacturers in Kolkata

RCC pipe manufacturers in Kolkata

Dona Tiles & Co. is a famous Tile Dealer & RCC pipe manufacturers in Kolkata. Reinforced concrete (RCC) Pipes are manufactured by a centrifugal spinning process in which mechanical mixer concrete and reinforcement cage extended throughout the barrel of the pipe are used. The reinforcement cage for precast concrete pipes consists of spirals or circular rings and straights of mild steel wire. Reinforcement cages are placed symmetrically with respect to the thickness of the RCC pipe wall. By combining the centrifugal force and vibration to spin pipes horizontally, the compaction of concrete is achieved in these precast concrete pipes.

Our reinforced concrete pipes are available in internal diameter ranging from 150 MM Dia to 900 MM Dia. BRHC manufactures non pressure RCC spun pipes in RCC Pipe NP2 Class, RCC Pipe NP3 Class, and RCC Pipe NP4 Class.

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